' Antica Terra - Aequorin
Aequorin chardonnay
Each of the barrels of our 2016 chardonnay was so different from any of the others, it was hard to imagine how it would all come together. What we know now, after ten years of blending blind, is that the way we see and experience the wines barrel by barrel is profoundly untypical. What at once seems confusingly disparate, slips into new combinations and is reflected back clearly only after hours and hours at the blending table. Not unlike the 2015 Aequorin, there was an astonishing synthesis in certain chardonnay barrels in 2016 that called for its own bottling altogether.

Aequorin and Obelin are the two photo-proteins responsible for bioluminescence, the ability of a living thing to create its own light. The bioluminescent are defined by light, speak in a language of light. This wine revealed itself to us through the obscurity of a blind tasting and seemed to demand a name that reflected the same. While not a permanent member of the family, this name will be reserved whenever a wine, like this singular chardonnay, demands our attention with its luminosity.