' Antica Terra - Obelin
Obelin Pinot Noir

Often, when we sit at the blending table, we are faced with barrels that while incredibly delicious by themselves, do not find kinship with anything else on the table. This happened in both 2013, 2014 and again in 2016. We tried adding them, one at a time, first to the Ceras composite and then when that didn't work, to the Botanica. All to no avail. Each time, we'd go back and taste the barrel by itself and look at each other shaking our heads. They were so beautiful and they had no friends. Each of the barrels was markedly different from one another but each of them was marked with an intensity and a tension that somehow kept them from easing into either of the composites. And so we worked instead with these barrels, separately from the rest, and found, in each instance, that some of them combined to make a wine that was not only different from anything else on the table but different than any other wine we'd ever made.

Obelin is one of the photo-proteins responsible for bioluminescence, the ability of a living thing to create its own light. The bioluminescent are defined by light, speak in a language of light. This wine, that revealed itself to us through the obscurity of a blind tasting, seemed to demand a name that reflected the same. While not a permanent member of the family, this name will be reserved whenever a wine, like this singular cépage, demands our attention with its luminosity.