' Antica Terra - Angelicall
Angelicall Rosé
Often referred to as the Food of Angels, the Angelicall Stone was the goal above all goals for the alchemist. It could not be seen, felt or weighed; only tasted. We take this name and the image of the alchemist’s laboratory to represent our most experimental wine. Typically rosé is made in one of two ways. Either it is pressed directly like a white wine, or bled from a fermenter destined for red wine during the first 24 hours. In this conventional sense, ours is not rosé; but neither is it red or white. The liquid is macerated on the skins for a little over a week. Somewhere between the 6th and 8th day, the aromatics of the fermentation reach a peak of expression and fill the room with astonishing perfume. At this point, just before it becomes red wine, we siphon the juice from the fermenters and fill the barrels, where the juice finishes its fermentation and ages on the lees for a year before bottling.