' Antica Terra - Aurata
Aurata Chardonnay
The rose-chafer (Cetonia aurata) beetle’s name comes from Aurum the latin word for gold. But the beetle is not gold. Its color is a left, circular, polarized reflection that is usually green (it can also be copper, violet, blue, black, or grey). In all of these possible colors the beetle alludes to gold. There is a golden, metallic glow that underscores its actual color. This is the way the Chardonnay feels to us. It isn’t actually gold, but everything about it feels golden. The wine seems almost illuminated from within.

In sourcing chardonnay, we looked to the Shea Vineyard because it is one of the places that we find real depth and intensity in our red wines. Even in an opulent vintage, the vineyard has the ability to hold onto acid and deliver a deeply expressive wine with astonishing persistence.