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2013 Lillian Gold Series No.03 Syrah

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$110.00 per Bottle


 Almost every year, when we sit down at the blending table to taste through each of the barrels, we see wines that seem so tightly coiled in their barrels that I am compelled to allow them to rest and evolve for an additional year in barrel and to produce a small cuvee from these wines. This has been the case since my very first vintage and every subsequent vintage save 2010. The resultant wines are wholly distinct from the Lillian syrah. While the testure is equally as lush, there is a sleekness, a purity and an extratrodinary elegance that emerge with the extended elevage.

These used to be bottled in the nameless blue/not blue label that only served to confuse everyone. That was not, in any way, my intention. These wines have now become part of the ongoing “Gold Series.” Each cuvee is numbered and the words “Gold Series” printed on the label itself. This, our eighth extended barrel age selection, is from the 2013 vintage and is our largest bottling to date. Twenty barrels were chosen and nearly 450 cases were bottled. The wine was raised in barrique for thirty-six months before being bottled and will rest another year under cork before we'll pack it up and send it to you.
Vintage 2013
Size 750 ml